Cyn D. Blackburn


​Falling in love, with a smile.​

It's called "falling" for a reason.
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No one ever sets out to fall in love. It just happens, like an accident. Falling off a ladder, falling out of bed, falling on your face, falling in love.

It's never pretty. 

In fact, sometimes it's pretty funny. Like watching someone pinwheel off a treadmill or trip over a shadow.  Yeah. Falling in love is like that.

Sometimes, someone gets hurt...​

And in the best romances, someone always gets hurt. There are misunderstandings. Betrayal. Problems. Mistakes. Things like:

...You discover you're in love with your little sister's best friend. (What would Mom say?)

...You've always been in love with your brother's best friend--and now, he loves you too. (Dude's broken the bro code!)

...You wake up and realize you got married last night, and have no idea who your spouse is! (Or worse, you do, and it's the person you've hated since third grade...)

...You need an emergency fiance(e). (As you do.) Who better to play the part but your reluctant yet hugely attractive friend on whom you've harbored a secret crush since forever? 


...You meet a hot and sexy (fill in the blank)...


...but you're a (fill in the blank)

(city girl/arsonist/pacifist/criminal/scullery maid/penniless writer)

...and sparks fly but
you'll never be a part of his world. (Except he won't leave you out of it.)

Sure. It could happen...

In a romance...

Sometimes, two people fall.  But they catch each other. And they never hit the ground. 

Because it's true.

Hearts can soar.